Delivering a Differentiated Experience in the
Modern Era of Wealth Management


The Wealth Management industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Products have become increasingly commoditized, differentiation is more difficult, technology is central to the client experience, and clients are increasing their expectations. Advisors must adapt to this change or they will lose market share.

Developed with insights from 30 leading Wealth Management Executives from across the US, the Advisor 2.0 Program provides a clear framework for developing the insights and practices that will enhance Advisor productivity and drive organizational growth.


Advisor 2.0 addresses the four quadrants required to differentiate and grow.  Click on each quadrant below to learn more.


Ensuring Advisors have the current, comprehensive wealth management knowledge necessary to deliver the guidance and advice clients expect.


Equipping Advisors with an efficient, scalable process and the skills required to more effectively engage clients in a goals-based planning experience throughout their entire book of prospects and clients.



Knowledge is the foundation of advice and is an expectation of every prospect and client. Advisors today must have the current, comprehensive wealth management knowledge necessary to deliver the guidance and advice expected.

Greene Consulting Solutions

  • A unique Confidence-Weighted Assessment to assess Advisor knowledge and identify opportunities to enhance knowledge
  • 150 online courses in wealth management, ranging from core curriculums to advanced programs
  • A CFP Education Program, offered in conjunction with the prestigious University of Georgia Terry School of Business


Overwhelmingly, clients today are seeking a digital experience to augment the human experience the industry has traditionally delivered. A critical aspect of this is having the ability to effectively deliver a goals-based planning experience. Yet most advisors and organizations have been challenged with HOW to leverage their planning platform and scale it to deliver a compelling planning experience throughout their book of clients and do so in a way that ultimately drives client loyalty and growth. Greene Consulting has developed a “Rapid Planning Framework” that accomplishes just that.

Greene Consulting Solutions

  • The Rapid Planning Program©, a comprehensive program aligned to your firms planning software that delivers training, best practices and advisor resources to support the adoption and execution of a scalable planning experience for prospects and clients.


In today’s world of Wealth Management, Advisors must master their skills to engage clients in differentiated, thought-provoking (or compelling) conversations that deliver immediate value relative to the wealth management issues clients must address.

Greene Consulting Solutions

  • Online Engagement Skill Modules for each Wealth Management Conversation
  • Tools and Exercises to develop and perfect their personalized approach


Though too often overlooked or ignored, establishing a disciplined and intentional approach to practice management has a profound effect on productivity.

Greene Consulting Solutions
Online tools and resources designed to help advisors establish an efficient and effective Practice Management Infrastructure, including:

  • Pipeline Metrics Calculator
  • Re-Engineering your Sales Process Guidebook
  • Defining your Relationship Strategy Guidebook
  • Accelerating New Business Acquisition through Referrals Strategy
  • Pre-Call Planning & Client Analysis Framework


Mastering the skills to needed to engage clients in differentiated, thought-provoking conversations that deliver immediate value relative to the breadth of wealth management issues clients must address.


Providing the tools and resources Advisors need to define and incorporate an efficient and effective Practice Management Infrastructure.


Led by our team of executives – each with over 25 years of Wealth Management industry experience – the Advisor 2.0 Program can be delivered in-person, virtually and/or online, leveraging the Greene Consulting Wealth Advisor Virtual Academy platform which has been used by over 250,000 Advisors.

Advisor 2.0 can be easily deployed to a single Advisor or to an entire organization to drive immediate results.


 ♦ Advisors equipped to consistently deliver differentiated value to Clients and Prospects

♦ Increased Advisor Productivity via the development of Key Competencies and Practices that compress the “Time-to-Value”, shorten the Sales Cycle, increase Close Ratios, and maximize Revenue-per-Sale

♦ Enhanced Client Loyalty, Existing Client Asset Expansion and Client Referrals due to clear recognition of Differentiated Value

♦ Enlivened Sense of Purpose to what your Advisors do day-in and day-out

“35 years in the business as a top-performer and I have seen my share of approaches to the business. This is the first one that I can actually apply and use to enhance my performance. Working with you guys has completely changed my career.”

Wealth Advisor

“This has changed the way I engage with clients and prospects.  My performance has sky-rocketed and I now have a greater sense of purpose and focus behind what I do every day.”  

Financial Advisor

“Clients are consistently telling me that meetings with me are ‘different’ from any meeting they have had, and that I help them think differently about their financial affairs.”  

Portfolio Manager

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