Advisor Forum Program

9-month program designed specifically for advisors yet to realize their productivity potential


Why Pay To Put ALL Your Advisors Through Training?

The Advisor Forum is a comprehensive, 9-month program designed specifically for advisors yet to realize their productivity potential, equipping them with explicitly defined strategies, skills and practices that will lead to accelerated achievement of their potential and the consistent delivery of a differentiated Client Experience.

Leveraging The Experience and Expertise of Greene Consulting

Greene Consulting’s expertise coupled with Best Practices shared among advisors from different firms throughout the country, participating advisors will leave the Program with the ability to confidently answer and deliver on the following questions:

  • How do get more qualified prospects into my pipeline?
  • How do I engage those prospects to improve my close ratio, shorten the sales cycle and increase the revenue I generate from each sale?
  • How do I develop the knowledge and skills necessary to engage prospects and clients in all the disciplines of wealth management, and do so in a way that differentiates me from other advisors?
  • How do I leverage my financial planning software to engage more clients in a scalable goals-based planning experience that will accelerate my productivity?
  • How do I enhance the relationship management experience I deliver to more effectively expand existing relationships, strengthen client loyalty, and generate more client referrals?

Advisor Forum Testimonies

Portfolio Manager

I cannot overstate how much this has helped me.

Financial Advisor

The growth I have seen in my business is directly attributable to the time I spent with you …. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having helped me change my life and accelerate my career.

Wealth Advisor

Thank you SO MUCH for the positive impact you’ve had on my career and my life. “I am SO blessed to have been a part of this Forum.