Grow your business by better serving your clients with sound
financial advice, catered to their retirement goals.

In addition to offering the Online Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Program, we also offer a program whereby you can become a Certified Personal Retirement Specialist™.

What can a Certified Personal Retirement Specialist™ designation do for you?

Compete in the $25 Trillion U.S. Retirement Market

  • 300,000 people reach retirement age every month.

  • U.S. households own $25 trillion in retirement assets.

  • Advisors with strong credentials have a competitive edge.

Convert Prospects to Clients

  • 3 of every 4 Americans lack strong confidence in their retirement plan.

  • The CPRS™ program helps you convert prospects to clients by revealing strategies to increase income and confidence in their retirement.

  • 8 of every 10 financial advisors lack strong confidence in vital retirement planning skills, such as advising on Social Security strategies.

Retain Existing Clients Longer

  • Advisors with confidence and competence in today’s cutting edge strategies are best positioned to retain discriminating clients as they transition to retirement.

Leapfrog Closer to CFP® Certification

  • Receive 100% credit for your CPRS™ tuition toward our complete CFP® Certification Education Program.

  • Complete up to 1/3 of the core CFP® Certification Education Program courses through automatic exemptions and no-fee test out options.

Mike Jenkins, Senior Associate Director – Executive Programs, Terry College of Business, discusses the CPRS™ Designation.


Download Key Information

PDF includes Frequently-Asked Questions, Renewal & CE Requirements, etc.


The CPRS™ Program is offered by The Terry College of Business through the University of Georgia.

Gain increased credibility with potential clients and employers.

CPRS™ is an accredited fast-track designation program that goes beyond topics covered in the CFP Board exam.
Add the CPRS™ designation to your business card to further enhance credibility with clients and prospects.


This program is an accelerated online program, allowing you to complete at your own pace.

Complete in a matter of weeks through this accelerated, self-study online program.

  • Learn anywhere by accessing the materials 24/7 and even through your tablet and mobile devices.
  • Incorporating 20 years of interactive online learning design and expertise, this program uses textual and video-based instruction to enhance the learning experience and overall retention of concepts.


Learn leading-edge retirement planning techniques to better serve your clients.

Gain a depth of retirement planning knowledge consistent with those covered in CFP® certification education programs.

  • Stay abreast of legislation changes impacting retirement plans.
  • Be able to better address the rising concerns about Social Security and Medicare.


  • Lesson 1: Using IRAs to Build and Distribute More Retirement Income
  • Lesson 2: Qualified Plan Advantages and Disadvantages for Employees and Business Owners
  • Lesson 3: Employee Protections and Employer Responsibilities in Qualified Plans
  • Lesson 4: Understanding Types of Qualified Plans
  • Lesson 5: Leveraging Nonqualified Plans for Small Business and Not-For-Profit Employees and Business Owners
  • Lesson 6: Matching Business Owner Needs to the Right Qualified Plan
  • Lesson 7: Income Distribution Planning for Qualified Plans
  • Lesson 8: Fitting Deferred Compensation into the Retirement Plan
  • Lesson 9: Building Retirement Wealth by Maximizing Fringe Benefits
  • Lesson 10: Fundamentals of Social Security and Medicare
  • Lesson 11: Maximizing Retirement Wealth During the Accumulation Phase
  • Lesson 12: Practice Management Video Series – The Retirement Accumulation Conversation
  • Lesson 13: Maximizing Income in Retirement
  • Lesson 14: Practice Management Video Series: The Retirement Distribution Conversation
  • Lesson 15: Strengthening the Retirement Plan with Insurance
  • Lesson 16: Asset Protection Planning


Increase your income by learning best practices on how to discuss retirement topics with clients.

Professionals must be able to effectively communicate these complexities in ways clients can easily understand.

It is not enough to solely understand the technical aspects of Retirement Planning.

  • Industry-leading experts give examples of how to have these retirement conversations.
  • These best practice conversations are gleaned from over 30 years of working with top planning professionals and firms in the industry.


How is the Certified Personal Retirement Specialist™ Program unique?

Through a partnership between the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and Greene Consulting, which has delivered consulting and training solutions to the financial services industry for over 30 years, this certification offers a unique blend of both technical knowledge and client application:

  • Acquire the requisite knowledge to become a Retirement Specialist.

  • Learn “best practices” in our Key Practice Management Resources, with numerous examples for how to immediately grow your business.

  • Sharpen your sales skills through our “Retirement Planning Conversation” videos.


What does the CPRS™ program cover?

While fully addressing the retirement subjects covered by CFP® certification education programs, the CPRSTM Program goes even further by emphasizing practical applications and cutting-edge planning techniques in three key areas:

Sales Ideas & Solutions

This program offers practical sales ideas and solutions by providing actionable exercises and video-based examples for how to have the retirement planning conversation.

Asset Protection

Understand strategies to legally protect precious retirement assets from judgment creditors in a hostile legal environment.

Real World Strategies

Learn to marry applicable knowledge from the program to common client issues you may face in real world encounters. A select few examples include:

  • Leverage obscure Social Security alternatives to add 30% or more to income.

  • Master ways to add $10,000 or more to retirement income by reducing taxes, Medicare premiums, and after-tax health care costs.

  • Discover how to use non-traditional sources of income to bolster a retirement plan in distress.

  • Gain unlimited income tax deferral for retirement with Spigot Irrevocable Trusts.


Who should apply?

♦ Career Changers ♦ Investment Professionals ♦ Support Personnel
♦ Financial Advisors ♦ Private Bankers ♦ Trust Officers
♦ Insurance Professionals ♦ Retirement Specialists ♦ Wealth Managers

Already achieved your CFP® or CPA/PFS designation? Completed a CFP® Certification Education Program?

Learn about our fast-track program for adding the Certified Personal Retirement Specialist™ designation to your business card now.

Already a CFP® or CPA/PFS Certificant?

Completed a CFP® Certification Education Program in the past 5 years?

Our fast-track program gives you credit for work already done. Upon confirmation of current CFP® or CPA/PFS certification, or by providing a transcript evidencing that you have successfully completed the retirement coursework of a CFP® Certification Education Program within 5 years,* you are automatically over 60% of the way toward becoming a Certified Personal Retirement Specialist™. Get there faster AND at a reduced cost!
Call an enrollment counselor at 404.324.4611 to learn more.
*Completed your Retirement Coursework more than 5 years ago? Then call and ask about discounts available for the regular CPRS Program.

CPRS™ Program
(non-CFP® and non-CPA/PFS Certificant Package)

  • Limited to persons who are NOT CFP/PFS Certificants or have not completed the Retirement Course in a CFP® Certification Education Program within 5 years.

Ready to Enroll?

Call an enrollment counselor at 404.324.4611

CPRS™ Program
(CFP® and CPA/PFS Certificant Package)

  • Limited to CFP® and CPA/PFS Certificants or persons who have completed the Retirement Course in a CFP® Certification Education Program within 5 years.

Ready to Enroll?

Call an enrollment counselor at 404.324.4611

Did you know? The University of Georgia also offers an in-class CPRS™ Certification Course in Atlanta.

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