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    Welcome to the Lincoln Financial Executive Consulting Program. Below you will find the program course list along with the program price. After reviewing, click next to enter your enrollment information.

    This program consists of the following modules:
    7 Technical Expertise Courses
    • Non-qualified Executive Retirement Benefits
    • Strategies for Executive Stock Options
    • Demystifying Rule 144: The Sale of Restricted Securities and Control Stocks
    • Strategies for Managing Concentrated Wealth
    • Rule 10b5-1 Plans and Insider Trading
    • Executive Compensation Strategies
    • Miscellaneous Employee Benefit Plans and Fringe Benefit Plans
    1 Client Engagement Course
    • The Corporate Executive Conversation
    Program Access: Unlimited access, 24/7, for 12-months.
  • Price: $995.00
    One-time payment

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