With the industry’s “digital disruption,” how can you recast the value you deliver to differentiate yourself in the marketplace?

With the convergence of platforms throughout the industry, the commoditization of investment advice, the emerging “digital disruption” and the resulting downward pressure on margins, advisors are required to drive more leads into the pipeline, close more business, strengthen client loyalty, and fortify their pricing.

How can you Differentiate your Firm?


Client Experience is the Key Differentiator

53% of Clients stated they chose their current provider based on the Sales Experience. Only 13% cited Product/Service or Company Brand and just 9% cited Price/Value as the key factor in their decision.


Delivering a consistent and intentional Client Experience is the key to driving differentiation and growth in the modern era of Wealth Management. 

How are we going about ensuring the consistent delivery of an intentional experience with our clients and prospects so as to maximize client loyalty and drive organic growth?


Changing the Conversation

The Buying Process has changed. Clients state that 72% of the Buying Process is focused on “Problem Identification” and “Defining Course of Action.”  Only 28% of the Buying Process focused on “Provider Selection.”


The HNW client Buying Process has changed. Future success will require Advisors to evolve from the traditional Wealth Management conversation to an approach directly aligned with how HNW Clients buy today.

What are we doing to equip our advisors with the breadth of knowledge and skills they need to consistently engage clients and prospects in more meaningful conversations that will lead to loyal, guidance-centric, comprehensive relationships?


The “Goals Gap”

Only 16% of HNW Clients stated that their Advisor/s clearly understood their Goals and were engaging with them to help them reach their goals.  


Most Advisors say they understand their Clients well, but only 16% of HNW Clients agreed. Developing a clear and intentional approach to engaging with Clients to truly understand their Financial Priorities presents a significant opportunity to drive growth. 

What is the conversation framework we have implemented to ensure we are truly and deeply understanding our clients and what is most important to them (beyond just the balance sheet), and staying up-to-date on that understanding?  


The Digital Experience Imperative

Shockingly, HNW clients ages 30-55 stated that if forced to choose between a Digital-only Wealth Experience versus an Advisor-only Wealth Experience, 76% would choose Digital-only.


HNW Clients increasingly want a Digital Experience that augments the Advisor Experience-the HYBRID Experience. Changing the Paradigm regarding traditional “Financial Planning” Platforms to a modern view- leveraging these Platforms to deliver a Digital Experience-creates a significant opportunity to drive asset consolidation and client loyalty.

How are we leveraging our financial planning capabilities to most effectively engage prospects and clients, differentiate our financial planning offering from the thousands of advisors out there who have the same capabilities, and leverage that to gather assets?



From Training to Productivity

When training is complimented by a disciplined ongoing development process and in-field coaching and reinforcement, the productivity impact from that training is quadrupled, from 22% to 88%.


Traditional training as our industry has known it for the last 20+ years leads to little impact on ultimate revenue growth … calling for the need for new or additional training two or three years later. Incorporation of a time-efficient coaching and sustainability process significantly impacts revenue growth and the sales culture. 

What processes and tools have we put in place to maximize and sustain the productivity impact of our training, and with that, how have we equipped our front-line coaches to consistently deliver efficient, value-add coaching in support of that training? 

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