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The Certificate in
Applied Behavioral Finance

Understanding behavioral finance is fast becoming an essential element to being an effective advisor. Making better decisions – and helping clients avoid “decision errors” – adds quantifiable value and differentiation. In fact, numerous studies identify “Behavioral Coaching” as a critical element of an advisor’s value. But no programs actually translate behavioral finance from the science to actual application… UNTIL NOW.

The Certificate in Applied Behavioral Finance combines three key elements that ensure advisors can apply the concepts of behavioral finance.


Knowledge You Can Apply



Differentiate your investment approach with prospects with the ability to deliver the value of behavioral coaching.



Communicate more effectively with current clients on key investment concepts.



Engage clients in effective decision making by providing the objective research and perspectives they value.


Enroll online today to develop your ability to be a behavioral coach to clients.

Corporate and volume discounts available.

The Curriculum

The curriculum consists of 7 online modules available 24/7.

15.5 Hours of CFP® Continuing Education

You can complete the program at your own pace, and will have unlimited access to all content.

Engaging Content

Through a blend of videos, interactive experiences and practical exercises, the program will not only keep you engaged, but will also show you how to apply the key skills into your advisory practice.

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About Wistia

Prestigious Industry Authors

Greene Consulting is a leader in professional development for advisors in the asset management and wealth management industry.  Since 1979, Greene Consulting has provided the most robust professional development for advisors of any firm in the industry – including a library of over 135 online courses, designation programs and certificate programs, as well as countless programs delivered to the leading financial services organizations in the industry.

In the development of this program, Greene Consulting has partnered with noted experts in the field of behavioral finance:

Dr. Daniel Crosby, PhD.

Author of five books, including the New York Times best seller on Behavioral Finance Personal Benchmark and his latest The Laws of Wealth, Dr. Crosby brings his research and insights on behavioral finance into the program.  A featured industry speaker, Dr. Crosby brings unique perspectives on the science of behavioral finance and its applications for advisors.

Keith Van Etten, CAIA, CFP®, CIMA

Keith Van Etten is the Founder of Van Etten Consulting and has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. His experience ranges from private banking to national sales as a major asset manager. His perspectives center on the enormous potential to improve investment outcomes through the application of behavioral finance.

“Based on a Vanguard study of actual client behavior, …suggests that the discipline and guidance that an advisor might provide through behavioral coaching could be the largest potential value-add of the tools available to advisors. In addition, Vanguard research and other academic studies have concluded that behavioral coaching can add 1% to 2% in net return.”

(Source: “Putting a value on your value:  Quantifying Vanguard’s Advisor Alpha®”  –

September 2016)

Behavioral Coaching
adds Quantifiable


Enroll online today to develop your ability to be a behavioral coach to clients.

Corporate and volume discounts available.

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